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Roses: Send this assorted rose flower bouquet for any occasion. Makes great birthday flowers or thank you flowers.

Tulips: Say, "Happy Valentine's Day" with this sweetheart tulip flower bouquet. A perfect flower gift for your special Valentine.

Lilies: The flower bouquet of pink and white lilies is a great gift for that special one is your life.
Nowadays it just seems so much easier to get on the Internet when you need to do something, and buying flowers is no exception. Perhaps you want to send flowers to your Aunt who lives in New York. So rather than messing around with your local florist, you decided to get on online, do a search for "florists in New York" and pick someone local to your aunt. You hope that choosing a local florist means the flowers will be delivered fresh, and hopefully means you get a better deal because there's no middleman or ordering service adding fees along the way.

It all sounds good in theory. The only problem is that many online listings are bogus. So your New York florist may in fact be a national marketer who then does exactly what you were trying to avoid - farms the order out to a local florist and charges an extra fee. These middlemen have deliberately built thousands of web pages, each one referencing the various main cities and towns across the USA, so that they show up when you do a search for a local florist. Other companies simply pay the highest price so their ads are at the top of the listings.

The frustrating part is that it's not always easy to tell which listings are really genuine, and which are the fictitious companies who list what appears to be a local phone number, but in fact have one central location. This strategy has been around for a while, and although many consumer groups and authorities have condemned it as misleading, it's still happening.

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A fabulous way to celebrate someone's birthday in an extraordinary way! Our beautiful cake-shaped arrangement is hand crafted by floral artists from the freshest hot pink miniature carnations, white pompon daisies, green pompons, orange spray roses and more. Topped with festive candles, this unique floral cake makes the ultimate birthday gift!

This electrifying arrangement of stargazer lilies is a wonderfully festive way to wish someone you love the happiest of birthdays! In addition to the vibrant stargazer lilies, this delightful gift includes a cheerful balloon, decadently alluring chocolates, and a snuggly bear. A truly celebratory gift for that special someone!

Dress up the classic evening clutch with red orchids and ribbon to stand out from the crowd. Measures 12"H x 5"W x 5"D.
So what can you do to make sure you really are dealing with a florist in New York, to continue with the same example. One of the most obvious clues is the company's address. The bogus companies generally don't list one, it's that simple. You can always try asking where their store is when you call, and if they can't answer you, hang up.

Of course, buying flowers directly from a New York florist really isn't necessary. Most hometown florists link in to a national network, so they will often have an associate in New York who will complete your order. So you can be confident your flower arrangement will be fresh and delivered quickly by a local florist. Even though you will pay a little extra, it's worth it for the peace of mind of knowing that in the event anything goes wrong, you have a local business you can deal with.

If you still want to shop online for flowers, look for a nationwide florist that has a contact address, a toll-free phone number. It's also worth looking for industry credentials and a customer satisfaction policy. Make sure the order form URL starts with https, and it may even be preferable to call them and place your order over the phone.

Although there are companies that are deliberately trying to mislead you into thinking you're buying from a local florist in the city you choose, there are also plenty of hard-working, genuine florists. Dealing with reputable companies can be as simple as walking into your local florist. So don't let the bad apples in the industry deter you. Sending flowers is still one of the best ways to show someone you care; you just need to be careful about placing your order.


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