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Express Your Feelings through Flowers Language

With today’s technology, lovers can communicate with each other through the Internet, mobile phone, sending e-mails and text messages to one another. In the past, lovers would only get to express what they feel through sending letters and giving flowers. But through time, the essence of flowers has been forgotten. Not many people would think about flowers language anymore. What these people don’t realize is the message and feelings that the flowers hold once they give it to someone. There is no need for words anymore as the flower can already say what you want.
Flowers language is also called fluorography and this goes way back to the Chinese dynasty. But it was only in the 18th century when Lady Mary Wortley Montague wrote a book about the “Secret Language of Flowers”. Through the influence of this work, lovers started knowing about the language of flowers and what they mean. Thus, marks the beginning of communicating flowers to one another.

Flowers Meaning

To give you an idea for popular flowers to send, of the flowers language of some flowers, here are some of their meanings: White Carnations are great to tell someone you miss them while red Carnations often signify a heart in pain. Sunflowers which are bright and yellow shows adoration, different colors of Chrysanthemums have different meanings, the white Chrysanthemum signifies trust, brown Chrysanthemum shows excitement, red Chrysanthemum is for sharing while yellow Chrysanthemum expresses that you are a secret admirer. Daisies mean purity, love, innocence and faith.
And the most popular flowers of all time are roses. With the many colors of roses, surely, you can find something that fits what you want to express. The red rose symbolized love, romance and passion. White roses mean sympathy and purity, which is why it is often used in funerals and weddings. Pink roses mean friendship. Yellow roses mean that you like someone. And lavender roses mean you are deeply in love with someone. A mix of red and white flowers conveys unity.
In the past years, it is a tradition to give flowers for wedding anniversaries. On the first wedding anniversary, pansies are to be given. Cosmos should be given on the second wedding anniversary while Fuchsia on the third. For the fourth wedding anniversary, geraniums are perfect and daisies are to be given on the fifth wedding anniversary. Moving forward, Lilies are best for the 20th wedding anniversary, Iris for the 25th wedding anniversary and violets for the 50th.
Flowers are great gifts to express the feelings of a person but through time, flowers language has been set aside and ignored. What people don’t realize is that in giving flowers, you don’t even have to utter words just to express feelings. And this is the beauty of flowers, not to add their scent and pretty looks.

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