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Flower Symbolism: Know the Right Flowers to Give

Nowadays, when we receive flowers, we think about what it means. Sometimes, flowers are given just because the giver wants to give some flowers to you but in other cases, giving flowers do have a significant meaning behind it as well as good time to send flowers. This flower symbolism goes way back in our history when people use it as a part of worshipping gods like Apollo and Aphrodite. Painters also include flowers in their paintings during the Renaissance era which they believe symbolizes a specific virtue. A book was made in 1884 by Kate Greenaway which is entitled “Language of Flowers” and this book holds a list of all flower symbolism.
Here are a few of the most popular flowers and the symbolism they have. The first one is Daisy and it symbolizes innocence and simplicity. Daisies are flowers that have numerous petals surrounding the center. This is the flower that most girls use to play the game He loves me, He loves me not. Daisies also symbolize purity and modesty. If you receive daisies, this might mean that the person wants to share their feelings to you. Historically, daisies are used for decoration in Egypt. The next flower is Iris (not Ireland flowers)and it comes in a wide variety to has. When you receive Iris, this means that the giver is sending you a promise of love or shows that the giver cherishes your friendship. Iris symbolizes faith and hope. Valor and wisdom are also symbolisms of this flower. The petals of this flower resembles those of sword blades which means that the heart was pierced. The Iris is the emblem of France and Florence, Italy.
And the last of the popular flowers is the rose. There are many colors of roses including red, white, pink, yellow, orange and lavender and all of them have different flower symbolism. The red rose symbolizes romance and passion. If you receive red roses, this means the person loves you. Red roses also means faithfulness. White roses stands for purity and honor. They are often used in funerals but can also be a symbol of a secret love. White roses are also used in weddings especially the bride’s bouquet as it means unity. Pink roses means joy, elegance and happiness. When received, it can also mean that the person admires you.
Pale pink roses also means expressing sympathy. Yellow roses mean warmth and happiness but can also mean jealousy and infidelity. Yellow roses are also given to say sorry. The orange rose shows desire and excitement. Passions for a new romance is also expressed by giving an orange rose. If you receive an orange rose, this may mean that the giver wants to take your friendship to the next level. And the last is the lavender rose which symbolizes love at first sight. If you receive this, the giver is probably very in love with you. Now that you know all the flower symbolism, you can now give the appropriate flowers.

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