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Flowers Language: Make Your Women Smile by Giving the Right Flowers

There is no question that women love receiving flowers even from friends and family members. But of course, they’d love it more if they got it from someone they like or their partner. The beauty of flowers is that they are not just mere gifts but they often come with unspoken meaningful words. This is what you call flowers language and it is best that you know about this to make sure you give the right flowers to your loved one whenever they are.
Men would often think that any flower will do or simply giving your lady her favorite flower would do the trick, but you should also know that in order for the occasion to be more special, you need to give flowers that will express your feelings for her. Once she realizes this, she will appreciate your gesture more and make her feel more special and loved.
You must be wondering how you would know the flowers language of all the available flowers in a flower shop. And we know that men do not have the patience in choosing and picking flowers. What you need to know is that flowers language differs from each other and I will give you a list of flowers to choose from accompanied with their own special meanings depends on the reason to send flowers you have.
The first are the very popular roses. Roses have different colors and all of them mean differently. The first is the red rose and it signifies romance, love and passion. The next is white roses which express unity, innocence, purity and virtue. Yellow roses can be a good or bad thing; it can symbolize friendship and admiration while it can also mean jealousy and infidelity. Orange roses show desire while burgundy roses express beauty. Pink roses show grace while light or pale pink roses show admiration and sympathy. Dark pink roses express gratitude. A mix of colored roses also mean different things, for one, mixing red and yellow means that you are excited and happy while a mix of red and white signifies unity and is often used in weddings.
The next flowers you might think of giving are Camellias. There are pink, red and white camellias that you can choose from. The pink camellia means you are longing for your loved one, the red means your lover is what keeps your heart burning while white camellias shows that you adore your lover.
The last types of flowers that you can give to your loved one are Tulips which are emblems of Holland. There are also three popular colors of Tulips: red, variegated and yellow. The red tulips mean that you are declaring your love and shows trust. The variegated tulips means that you are complimenting your lover for her beauty and yellow expresses “the beauty of your smile”. These are just some of the flowers language; you can do your own research about flower meanings in the Internet or by reading books.

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