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Major characteristic of an American Flower Symbols.

America has a symbolic object that will represent the nation. Having an American Flower Symbols is definitely one of them.
The Marigold flower has been proposed as the United States American Flower Symbol. Back in 1967, they made a controversial argument from one of its proponent named Everett Dirksen.
The Senate Joint resolution 19 was introduced the native Marigold to designate as the national floral emblem of the United States, the suggestion was referred to the Committee on the Judiciary.
There is a wide support why they are designating the marigold flower as the official American Flower Symbol. Here are some of the proposed reasons.

  • An official floral symbol must be a representation of virtue of their land and posses a patriotic character.
  • Marigold shows the nations nature because it grows all over the 50 states of the country. They endure the tremendous of temperature of summer sun and the coldness of evening.
  • The native marigold heftiness mirrors the toughness and nature of the past generations that pioneered and build this land into a great nation.
  • The stunning colour of marigold suits the nation’s imaginative virtues.
  • This flower possesses some characteristics of other flowers. They are energetic as the daffodils, as vibrant as the rose, can be firm and delicate like the zinnia and carnations, proud and aggressive that a chrysanthemum and petunia strongly possess.
  • And lastly, it is a native of America, thus, this deserve to be called the American Flower.

In the 80’s, The United States of America designates rose as their official National flower. This flower naturally grows throughout North America and has been in the region for 35 million years. Some states adopted rose as their official State flower, this includes New York, Georgia, North Dakota and Iowa.
The fruit of the rose and petals provides many uses, apart from being edible they also has some healing properties. An element that has been found in the rose hips are vitamins, pectin, beta carotene and bio flavanoids which are good sources in producing antioxidants that defends and boosts immune system. The rose hips may help in reducing the cholesterol level in the blood and stabilize a normal blood pressure. In addition, they also help in improving weight management and digestive efficiency.
This flower symbolizes love, beauty, war and politics. Roses from Scotland gardens have different shades of colours from bloody red, bright pink, snowy white and sunshine yellow. They have an intoxicating rich aroma scent which is very interesting. Moreover, because of the impressive characteristics of the rose it became an American Flower Symbol.

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