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The secret meaning of the flowers language.

In many cultures, a flower has their own symbolic meanings. Beautifying graves with different kinds of flowers are thought to mollify spirits. Some traditions also believed that flowers are the great source of Greek mythology and legends. There are also kinds of flowers used as a medicinal plant because of their healing properties and some are sources of food too.
A flowers language has the power to convey different meanings. Different types of flowers can express love, grief, honor and health. In addition, others send flowers to someone to show their true feelings and emotions. As of today, sending flowers to express someone’s intentions are still widely practiced.
Therefore, say what you want to say when send flowers, express it with the use of flowers. Listed below are some flowers with their symbolic meanings.

  • Rose- This flower has been known as a symbol of love and desire. Each color signifies its own meaning and a red rose is a representation of love and the martyr’s blood. Purity, charm and innocence are what the white roses imply, while the pink colored rose often means extreme happiness.
  • The lily- this flowers language strongly signifies chastity and virtue that shows within religion. Lilies are medically acknowledged as proven to be effective for treatment for simple ailments such as fever, wounds and it’s also relieves the pain from arthritis. Other cultures often seen this flower as a sign of death.
  • Calendula- early Indians recognize Calendula as the most sacred flower of all. Though, jealousy is what it is often associated for some cultures. The blossom holds the healing properties to ease indigestion, jaundice, sore eyes and toothaches, while its petals is a good alternative for ointments to aid minor skin irritations.
  • Chrysanthemums- Perhaps, because of its general appearance several cultures often identifies this flower for sun. It will always been a noble plants for Chinese and a symbol of death for Italians. Sending red chrysanthemums has a coded meaning that says “I love you” and the flowers language of a white chrysanthemum forever signifies truthfulness.
  • Daises-the tiny petals and its vivid color is a representation of innocence and tenderness. A myth once told that children who died from child-birth spread this flower on earth to cheer their mournful parents.
  • Tulips-the sender of a red tulip wants to relay the message that he is a good lover.

A flowers language may signal diverse meanings, it may mean something for someone or the other way around for others. But, it really doesn’t matter what message they are trying to send, it is always the thought that counts.

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