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Tips on Which Flowers to Send to Say I Love You to Your Lover

Today, men often give flowers to their lovers to express what they feel especially if they want to tell their girlfriends how much they love them. There is really no specific day to give flowers as they are still very special to the receiver. But men often think of giving flowers during Valentine’s Day and if there are special occasions, however, if you really want to express what you feel for your lover, you can surprise her by giving flowers that express love, passion and adoration. But the question is which flowers to send to say I love you?
Giving of flowers has been around for centuries and it is believed to have started in the year 496. This was the time when Saint Valentine was made patron Saint of Lovers. Though there are still controversies regarding the Saint of Lovers, February 14 is still made to be Valentine’s Day up to the present date. And now, it is now a universally accepted dates to express love all over the world.
So, which flowers to send to say I love you? There are many types of flowers that you can give to your lover to express your love. Most often, the symbolism behind the flower will depend on the color of the flower. The first tip is by giving red roses will mean you are expressing deep love rather than sending yellow flowers which just mean platonic love. In line with this, roses are definitely the best flowers to give if you want to say I love you to your lover. And you should pick red and dark red colors.
For other flowers, you must be cautious because sometimes, those of dark red colors mean anger and anguish and you really don’t want to give this to your lover. The second tip is to give pink colored flowers, they are also popular choices to express your “I love you’s” for someone. The color pink symbolizes passion and love and often represents femininity. Pink roses are ideal but you can also give pink orchids which are very elegant.
The third tip is to give red tulips as they are also great flowers to give to express your love as well as Camellias which shows your longing and declaration of love and trust. If you wish to find more flowers that you can give to express your feelings, you can do your own research on which flowers to send to say I love you.
Most men would pick giving three long stemmed roses as this means I-love-you. However, some men still prefer to be extravagant by giving a bouquet of roses to their lovers. Whatever decision you make, just make sure you pick the right flowers to send and express what you are feeling. And the last tip is to not wait for Valentine’s Day before knowing which flowers to send to say I love you, remember, you must cherish each day with her and always do your best to keep thinking of ways to tell her you love her.

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