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A Brief Summary of Popular Flowers Meaning

Flowers meaning or what we call fluorography is the language of flowers. This is how we know the symbols and meaning behind the beautiful and delicate flower in our nature. Since the Victorian Era, the symbols of flowers are already given importance. At present time, flowers are given to express feelings whether it is sympathy, love, forgiveness or admiration. And with all the flowers in the world, we can’t help but be confused on what the right flowers to give are. To be able to help you, here is a brief summary of flowers meaning that can be useful to you the next time you decide to give flowers.

If you want to wish someone good luck, you can give them Anemone. If you want to welcome guests and show hospitality, Anthurium is the flowers to use. If you want to show affection to someone, you can give Asters. Birds of Paradise are the best flowers to celebrate happy occasions. They symbolize delight and happiness. If you plan to reward someone for a successful endeavor or undertaking, you can give them Bouvardia. Carnations are one of the popular flowers to give and they come in different colors too like pink, white, violet, red and yellow. Pink carnations mean that you will always remember the person. White carnations mean pure love. Violet carnations are fanciful while red carnations means that you love someone yellow carnations means that the person has disappointed you.
Different colored Chrysanthemums also mean different things. White symbolizes truth, yellow means unrequited love, red means adornment and other colors means friendship. Daffodils are also great for expressing that you adore someone. If you are to congratulate new parents, Freesia should be the flower to give as they mean faith and thoughtfulness. Hyacinth from Turkey also mean different things, the white Hyacinth means prayers and loveliness. The yellow shows envy, purple is asking forgiveness and red symbolizes playfulness.
If you want to show elegance, Lilies are the flowers for you. They can also mean virginity and purity of the heart. Orange lily means passion while Tiger Lily expresses vanity. Orchids symbolize love and expresses beauty. Now if you want to show your spouse that you are very happy with your married life, Peony are the most appropriate flowers to give. The ever popular roses have several meanings as well. Red roses symbolize passion and love. Orange roses mean desire while yellow roses symbolize friendship. The number of roses to give also has flowers meanings. If you give a dozen of red roses, this shows your declaration of love for the person. If you give 50 roses, this is a symbol of unconditional love. And the last flower in this list is the Tulips. Tulips are the emblems of Holland. Yellow tulips mean hopeless love while red tulips mean love. With all these flowers meaning, I’m sure you will find the right one for the upcoming occasions in your life.

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