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Fascinating meaning of black orchids.

There are numerous kinds of orchids but the most intriguing kind is the black orchid. Meaning of black orchids are speculated and circulated to different origins and genre.
Fictitiously, it is always mentioned in myths, spooky legends, comic characters and witchcraft stories. Furthermore, black orchid is assumed to be a mysterious blossom with a corresponding supernatural power.
However, the term orchid is from the Greek word “orchis” that originally means “testicle” for the reason of its bulbous-shaped roots which then makes it a symbol for virility. The early Greeks believed that they can control a baby’s gender by eating orchid roots. If they wish a son, the father has to eat a large and new orchid tuber. On the other hand, if they wish a daughter, the mother has to eat small tuber. In connection with this, collecting orchids became eminent in the 19th century. Black orchid is commonly found in Asia, South and Central America.
Based on various online flowers guide, black orchid is divided into two types: epiphytes (grows on trees) and terrestrial (grows on the ground). Versions of this orchid (not England orchid) which is nearly black is dark enough: Coelogyne pandurata, Miltonioides leucomelas, Dracula vampira, Dracula roealii, oncidium henckenii, Dendrobium fuliginosa (“Black Pam”) and hybrids such as Paphiopedilum Black Velvet (“Candor Neat”), Paphiopedilum Maudiae (“Florafest’s Queen) and Paphiopedilum Maudiae Prieta Paphiopedilum Makuli (“Candor Blackheart”).
Yet, the true pure deep black orchid is the Liparis nervosa called “kokuran” which plainly means black orchid in Japanese.
There are still quite a few symbolism and meaning of black orchids. It is commonly linked with evil connotations and associated with death because of its black color. On the other hand, it also indicates absolute authority, commands submission and great power. It also symbolizes the elite in the society and high fashion. The mentioned color is limited only to some particular classes because of its air of formality. Flower arrangements using black orchids are ordinarily used in business events or Gothic-themed gatherings because of its elegant and mystifying color.
Talking about the meaning of black orchids, in reality, it is just another variety of the exotic family of orchid. It might be painstaking to make it grow but it is effortless to raise and propagate. Black orchids can simply adjust to any environment depending if it’s not too hot or not too cold and the quantity of its exposure to the sun. It actually flourishes in the month of July up to September and can almost attain 12 inches in height. It can be propagated using 6 different methods: keiki (by dyeing white orchids using black dye), seeds, division, meristem or tissue culture and areal cuttings.
True that there are various meaning of black orchids but it is the uniqueness that makes it fascinating and intriguing.

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