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Top Five popular American flowers.

Flowers can grow everywhere but some are rare and exotic which can only be found in the forest. Popular American Flowers are the most favorite floral arrangement for occasions like Valentine’s Day, weddings, funerals or anniversaries.
These are so many popular American flowers and examples of this are the roses, lilies, tulips orchids and the daisies. Even if the daisy has an odorless scent, they are one of the favorites because of their pretty petals with vibrant colors like powder pink, snow white, to sunny yellow. In addition, this charming flower is less expensive for a bouquet.
Roses are a famous plant in a home garden that makes anyone’s garden look very attractive. This popular American flower has breed from thousands of great combination of colors, sizes and petal shapes. Types of roses are the tea roses, long stem roses and the easiest to grow among them are the climbing rose. They are the most in demand flower in flower shops.
Another popular flower that is considered as one of the most expensive and exotic is phalaenopsis type orchid. A bloom on each plant is usually one to handful that last for almost a month. The phalaenopsis type orchid can be planted in flower pots or containers and are frequently sent as a plant gift than bouquet. A less expensive type of Orchid is the Demdrobrium; it has a smaller flower than the Phalaenopsis. This is also perfect for a floral arrangement as their floral stems can handle almost twelve bloom with colors such as purple, white, pink and orange.
Furthermore, American orchids can be grown indoors because they need a humid atmosphere. A perfect place for orchids to grow is in the bathroom because orchids take pleasure in the vapor of a hot shower or bath.
Another popular American flower is the lilies. It has several types, they are; Common Day lily, Calla lily and Stargazer lily. Common Day lilies colors are yellow, orange and white and they also possess a stimulating fragrance. An exotic type of lily is known as the Stargazer lily because it has the strongest scent among all other kind of lilies. Calla lily which is widely known for symbolizing sympathy, it is commonly used for weddings and funerals. They can be found in many American gardens or alongside country roads. Scottish flowers are not generally american flowers.
Elegantly looking tulips are mostly grown in Holland. There are many kinds of tulips and one of them is the Darwin Hybrid which is the tallest and also the best choice for a wedding bouquet. Others are the Single late, Single early and the Fringed Tulips. Gardeners plants its bulb during fall and mid to late spring because they bloom every springtime.

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