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Meaning of Orchids and the History behind It

Orchids are very delicate and attractive. Their appearance and shape of its petals are totally different from the regular curves and appearance of most flowers. This trait makes orchids desirable and striking. Their facade is very graceful, which can immediately draw attention because they are a rare and unusual flower that suggests a sense of innocence and refinement. They are perfect as presents like bouquets. Giving this to someone can signify various things and it may help when you know the meaning of orchids. Btw, orchids are very popular flowers Germany has.

Orchid bouquets are perfects gifts to a lover or family. You can also add another twist after giving these exquisite bouquets by telling them about its special history.


Ancient Greece believed that eating the roots of the orchid could determine the unborn child’s gender. When the father of the unborn baby eats the large orchid tubers, his wife will give birth to a boy. Alternately, if the mother will eat the small orchid tubers she will bear a baby girl. Orchids became the sign of virility and fertility during that time. While the Ancient Chinese highly values orchids, it is known as “Lan Hua” meaning an embodiment of human perfection. Because of this, these flowers can be a meaningful gift to people who are pregnant or expecting to have a baby.


Another meaning of orchids is luxury. What led to this is its striking appeal and rare factor, especially during Victorian England. Here is Orchids in England. These plants commonly grow in the tropical areas. In order to grow these flowers you should have a good running maintenance facility which is definitely expensive. You have to be well-off or very rich to maintain or even buy these flowers. The orchid’s uniqueness as wells as its exotic appeal made it lavishly appealing.

Perfection and Beauty

Balance or symmetry can also be found beautiful. That is why the meaning of orchids is beauty and perfection. The difference in built and curves from other flowers make them a lot more interesting. You can also choose from a variety of colors and give it to someone really special. The spots that you see on the flowers are used to symbolize as the blood of Christ. Imagine yourself eating in an Easter brunch table; these flowers can accentuate the table because of its radiating beauty.

These days, the meaning of orchids is usually regarded as a delicate and a rare beauty. These flowers are also famous houseplants. Among the various kinds of flower, an orchid is a captivating and alluring present. When giving them as gifts, the mystique and delight to those people who receive them is phenomenal. Your family or loved one will definitely feel your sincerity once you give them this kind of flower.

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