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The Different and Multiple Meaning of Roses

In sending roses, sky is the limit with your options as you have tons of colors to choose from. Not only that, you also have to pick the size of the roses, the number of roses, the style of the roses and the meaning of roses. Giving roses can sound very simple but it really isn’t. For guy who is giving flowers to someone he likes or loves, it can be quite confusing to decide which flowers to give.

If you are someone who likes shopping online, then you just look at online florists to see what arrangements they have for roses. If you find something pretty, you will just easily order and everything is done. However, you might be forgetting the meaning of roses that you need to know. To be able to help you make the right decision, here are some descriptions of meaning of roses including their colors, design and number.

Red roses are the perfect to give your lover as they mean “I love you.” They can also mean passion, respect and desire for your lover. White roses are best to use during funerals and weddings because they mean sympathy, innocence, spiritual love and purity. Pink roses exude grace and elegance. If you are giving pink roses, it means you are showing your gratitude and appreciation. Deep and light pink roses both express admiration. If you feel that you have experience love at first sight with the person, lavender roses are best to give. Peach roses express friendship, sympathy, appreciation and admiration. Orange roses mean desire and passion but can also mean fascination and enthusiasm. Bright yellow roses express friendship and happiness. Mixing colored roses also have symbolism. White and yellow roses represent harmony, red and white roses represent unity while red and yellow roses are perfect for celebrations.
The next is the type of flowers, if you prefer rosebuds, they mean youth and beauty. If you prefer thorn less roses, this means love at first sight. A full bloom means that you still love the person while a bouquet of full bloom roses shows your gratitude.

Lastly, the numbers of roses you will be sending also have different meanings. You should take note of this. A single rose means “I love you” while two roses expresses mutual love. Two roses that are intertwined express the want for marriage. Six roses expresses that you want to be the one for the person. A dozen roses expresses that you want a long-term relationship with the person. And two dozen roses mean that you are constantly thinking of the person 24 hours a day. Now that you know the complete meaning of roses, you can now express your true feelings.

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